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Changes to the North Somerset Council bin collections

Submitted on 15 March 2018 by Ian Malpas

From Monday 4 June there will be changes to the collection days for recycling and waste for the majority of North Somerset households, and we want to make you aware of the background to these to help you deal with any resident queries, and, we hope, help us to spread the word.
Here is a summary of the changes:
•    Collection days will be changing for the majority of households from Monday 4 June.
•    Collection patterns may be changing, and residual waste and garden waste may both be collected on the same day, every other week.
•    Crews will be in each area five days a week and will be loyal to that area enabling them to learn and manage the rounds well.
•    The new arrangements will use collection resources more efficiently and lead to fewer missed collections.
•    The mileage driven by the waste vehicles will reduce, also improving the carbon footprint of collections.
There will be no changes to the types of materials being collected and no changes to the frequency of collection.
The changes will affect householders because for 80% of properties, the collection day will need to change to accommodate the new round structures.
Following the introduction of the new arrangements, the same crews will be based in the same geographic area five days a week. For example, Crew 1 will be in Portishead on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They will not spend each day in a different town or area. This will enable them to get to know their patch really well – both the properties and the residents. There will also be a supervisor dedicated to each area which will also enable them to understand in more detail any issues relevant to their area, to build relationships with local residents and to manage their rounds well.

This new approach will mean that most towns / areas will have collections five days a week thereby spreading truck traffic volumes equitably across the week and reducing congestion in any one area.
While the frequency of collection won’t be changing, the collection pattern is likely to change for some residents. Currently householders have their recycling and food waste collected every week, and their residual waste and garden waste  collected on alternate weeks. Following the changes, residual waste and garden waste will be collected from some households on the same day every two weeks.
At the time of writing, our waste contractors Biffa are completing their detailed planning and preparation for the new collection rounds. Once they have completed this work we will be writing to every household to let them know their new arrangements. These letters will be delivered in May so that all households know their revised day before the changes take effect from Monday 4 June.
We will also encourage residents to keep a look out for the letter through other complementary communications activities over the next couple of months including North Somerset Life, Council Tax bills, local media, council website, social media, waste lorries and our digital newsletter.

if you need any more information please contact the recycling and waste team at
We will also update our website with more information as it becomes available at