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Planning Inspector's Second Letter  August 2019

The Planning Inspectors’ second letter regarding the JSP has been received and is now available to view here


CPRE Open Letter     15 August 2019

The CPRE has written an open letter to the West of England authorities in response to the Inspectors examination of the JSP. You can read the letter here


Inspectors Reject the Plan     1 August 2019

The Inspectors conducting the examination of the JSP continue to have significant concerns about the soundness of the plan. You can read their letter here.

They will be giving more detail in a letter to be published in the next 3 weeks. Hearings provisionally arranged for September and October have been cancelled.

The Inspectors currently consider that withdrawal of the JSP from examination may well be the most appropriate way forward.  They suggest that the local authorities should working closely with the community and other interested parties to produce a new plan.

Wraxall & Failand PC will continue to comment on the emerging Local Plan for North Somerset when the opportunity arises.


West of England Joint Spatial Plan - Update     15 July 2019

David Robinson has attended three days of the planning inspectors hearings into the validity of the Joint Spatial Plan, in Bath on behalf of the parish council.

It is as a result of the previous work undertaken by Wraxall & Failand Parish Council that we have a place at the table.  

It was well organised and the Inspectors gave all those who were around the tables the opportunity to put their views and ensured that there was little repetition of points. There were up to 50 members of the public observing.

There was a very strong contingent from the developers and the the house building industry comprising barristers and consultants in two ranks!

Housing numbers is a complex area relying on modelling and there was a consultant representing WoE taking detailed questions from a professor representing Business West. There were good points made by CPRE, Bath Preservation Trust and TRAPP, which covered the points made in our written representation for housing numbers. 

You can read the CPRE submission here.

Each of the sessions is recorded.  You can listen to the proceedings at the following link, under the ‘Examination News’ heading "".


West of England Joint Spatial Plan

You can download and read the West of England Joint Spatial Plan "here"

A number of developers have submitted documents to the JSP Examination.  There are two areas within our parish that are affected.  Land to the North of Nailsea and Failand.

We have placed the relevant documents on our website you can download them below:


Click 'here' to download the north of Nailsea proposals and 'here' for the associated map.


Click 'here' to download the Failand proposals, the map is at the end of the document.

We should point out that at this stage these are very speculative proposals, however it is important even at this early stage  that local opinion is represented.  If you have a comment on either of the plans, please email Tony Jay our clerk.  We will consolidate and ensure the comments are represented at the hearing.

If you wish to review ALL the documents relating to the JSP examination you can find and download them from this site "". 

Wraxall and Failand Parish Council have been following the development of the JSP and commenting on each stage.  The plan has a number of implications for our parish.  You can find our latest response from January 2019 ‘here’.