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Road Safety at Failand                                       (November 2016)

A group of concerned residents in the village of Failand have formed a committee called Failand Residents Against Speeding (FRAS). This team is campaigning for a reduced speed limit and associated traffic calming measures for the roads around the Failand triangle.

The Parish Council is concerned about road safety on these roads and first met with residents on 31 October 2015. The FRAS presentation of 30th October 2015 can be seen on this link

In July 2016 the Parish Council agreed that the Chair of FRAS should act as their representative in taking this campaign forward, reporting back to the Parish Council.

This summer the FRAS team asked over 150 affected residents on the roads forming the triangle and vulnerable road users to sign a petition supporting action. More than 96% of those asked agreed with the proposals to reduce the speed limit and introduce appropriate calming measures.

Actions taken since the petition are summarised below:

  • The FRAS team approached Dr Liam Fox MP, who pledged his support for the FRAS’ proposals.
  • FRAS have been supporting the use of Vehicle Activated Signs on loan from North Somerset Council (NSC) around Failand.
  • At a meeting of our Road Safety Working Group with FRAS and a senior engineer from the NSC Highways team, the engineer advised that Failand met all the criteria for a reduced speed limit but would need traffic calming measures in place for this to be safely implemented.
  • The parish council have requested NSC to design a scheme for the village of Failand. The scheme has an indicative cost of about £36,000.  With current budgetary pressures, NSC is unlikely to be able to fund this scheme.
  • FRAS is investigating funding from other bodies, and has submitted a grant request to the Bristol Airport Environmental Improvement Fund (Community Fund), as a high volume of airport traffic from M5 Junction 19 at Portbury drives through the village.  The trustees of the Fund have requested further information, which FRAS are currently collating. The trustees also wish to see the impact on this traffic of the South Bristol Link, which will open in Spring 2017.


Road Safety on Tower House Lane                                       (October 2015)

Residents in Tower House Lane have identified that many vehicles are using the single track lane as a cut through at peak times.

First thing in the morning traffic is coming up. the lane to access the B3128. In the evening traffic is coming down the lane in order to avoid queuing traffic along the B3128 Tickenham Hill due to traffic build up at the junction of the B3128 with the B3130 Clevedon Road.

Residents consider that Tower House Lane cannot safely accommodate the many vehicles using it at peak times, often travelling at speeds that are too fast for the winding single track lane. It can also be difficult for the many vehicles to pass other vehicles travelling in the opposite direction.

At the request of residents, the Parish Council approached North Somerset Council to comment on the feasibility and possibility of the following suggestions in order to reduce the volume of traffic currently using Tower House Lane as a ‘cut through’ and thus improve the safety of all users of the lane:

  1. The introduction of a mini roundabout at the junction of the B3128 with the B3130, to assist traffic flow onto the B3130 and thus reduce traffic build up along the B3128. The type of roundabout suggested is similar to that currently situated on the B3130 near to Tesco store Nailsea.
  2. Alternatively, the introduction of a no left turn sign onto Tower House Lane from the B3128 (when travelling in the direction of Tickenham) that would prevent traffic turning down Tower House Lane during peak hours. This has been successfully used at North Road, Leigh Woods.
  3. The introduction of a similar no entry sign into Tower House Lane from the layby on the B3130 during peak morning hours.

Here is an extract of the response received from North Somerset Council’s Principal Engineer:

"The first suggestion (mini-roundabout at Stone Edge Batch) has been suggested and discussed a number of times before. The problem with it is that it would effectively change the priority at the junction – traffic coming down the hill and turning right to go towards Clevedon would have right of way over all vehicles approaching from Jacklands Bridge (Nailsea), which would have to give way. It would only take three or four cars having to do this to completely block the narrow section by Lavender Cottage, which in turn would lead to vehicles heading towards Nailsea blocking the roundabout. This could only be avoided if we could widen the narrow section (and if it was that easy it would have been done long ago). Signalisation of the junction would have a similar impact.

"Suggestions 2 and 3 may be worthy of consideration, if Tower House Lane really does suffer the problems described, but would depend on enforcement by the Police. Although the system at Leigh Woods is respected by most drivers, we do get complaints periodically about drivers ignoring it. And of course the restrictions would apply to the residents as well as to the “rat runners”, which could be a significant inconvenience."

The Parish Council seeks the views of residents on North Somerset Council’s response, in particular suggestions 2 and 3 and whether residents would welcome such suggestions or whether the inconvenience that residents would suffer by being subject to the same restrictions as  “rat runners’” would make such suggestions unwelcome.

Please send your views to the Clerk by email by Friday 6 November 2015 and let us know if you think suggestions 2 and 3 should be pursued further.


Speed Checks                                                                            June 2015
Your local Beat Team will also be operating in your area conducting checks and enforcing Speed and weight limits both independently and in conjunction with the Speed Camera Partnership over the coming months.